Heroes Carved
In Stone

from the heart of
Sabrina Stidham

I stood staring in awe as my gaze settled upon a black granite wall of memories.

As I stood there not a muscle in my body twitched, except for the rhythmic beating of my weary heart.

Before me, a great wall, with the names of Fathers, Sons, Mothers, Daughters, Soldiers: Heroes.....carved in stone.

As I looked at the granite I saw behind it. A scene of tangled jungles, mud covered boots, people crying, as their lives came to an unwritten end. On the ground I saw the bodies of fallen soldiers, bloody and cold from death. In my heart I felt their pain and fear, which lingered in their unforgotten souls.

In my mind I could see them standing around me, in what was left of their tiger-striped tattered camouflage. Blood covered, dirty calluses had formed on their hands, and memories of home were lost in the emptiness of their stares.

I saw beside me the American Flag, still and unmoving in the bustling air. I shivered at the eerie sight. Suddenly, I felt that I wasn’t alone, as though I were in the presence of a soldier; I paused, not believing in my feelings. A chill went down my spine as I felt a touch on my shoulder. I turned to see a woman; a mother, with tears in her eyes, reading the name of her son. At that moment I realized that the soldiers have not been forgotten. They live on in our hearts; then, now, and forever.

As I turned to leave, I hesitated; looked back at
the wall and said aloud, “Thank You”, and I swear
I heard a voice carried on the wind whisper...

“Never Forget”.

used with permission

Sabrina Stidham is 12 years old
with incredible insight to what
the Wall means to those of us
who have loved ones on the Wall. This was written for her seventh grade class.

Heroes Carved In Stone