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Jeff & I    1980

This is my firetruck, Blazin ’48! She’s a 1948 Ford F-6 with a 1955 Ford Y-Block OHV V-8, 292 engine (not original), eight forward gears, 750 x 20 wheels. Served Monarch Volunteer Fire Dept, Monarch, Montana.     


I can still remember how much this hurt back in 1962

Greg in the Mormon Meteor, 1996 


We look so small next to Lincoln!  10-5-2003


my hydrant before...

my hydrant after...

my own wishing well

HUGE HERO ALERT:  50 plus years together            


Grandma Catherine Chambers  &  Grandpa Harry Chambers
migrated to the United States from Redditch, England in 1912.
Grandpa Chambers was the only barber in South Salt Lake City, Utah
for many years located at 2700 South & State Street.

The Col’s younger days

The Col in 2002
The Col, akaTrubble, and his sidekick Dubble

An O’Reilly lass at five, two, and 15

In 1978, who’da thought this kid would grow up to be a pilot for a major airlines?

Oh how the years go by so quickly!
Looking out for each other!

We all have our dreamhome  (10-2003)


Sparkee the Fire Dog is ready to parade!

“All Aboard!”

Sparkee, FF Margo, and Ride-Along-Friend

???, BC Moore, Sparkee, FF Margo

Exactly how I feel everytime I get back from a trip!!!!