From My
Daddy’s Heart




“Little Shelby Ann”

As I returned from work one day
my wife had news to tell
A little girl was on her way -
I think I amost fell!

In anticipation
the days and months went by
Only to be troubled
with the news that she may die.

When His children need direction
our Father has His ways
Of teaching through experience
the direction to life’s maze.

For us He’d send an infant
to show us each the place
Where we’d find the road to Father’s home
That’s paved with love and grace.

If we were to return with her
to Father’s house on high
We’d have to kiss and hug her
and love her when she cried.

While she was here she helped
us to learn to love and care
For those who are less fortunate
and need for us our love to share.

The lessons that we each have learned
and blessings we’ve received
From our short time with our sweet child
will help us to be redeemed.

And now we have a life to live
without the one we love
But we know that she’ll be waiting with
our loved ones up above.

I love my God for
this great gift
a child that’s
touched our heart
And in return
I’ll do my best
to not keep His
posterity apart.