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How long are our leaders going to allow our POW/MIA’s to remain
unaccounted for? Have we as a nation done everything to bring them
home? Contact your representatives - let them know how you feel!

How long? Mr. Senator ~ click to inquire!
How long? Mr. President ~ click to inquire!
How long? Mr. Congressman ~ click to inquire! 

Search for status/biographies of Vietnam POW/MIA’s at:
P.O.W. Network

POW Returnees by Far Away-So Close

Task Force Omega, Inc

Last Known Alive List

37th Signal BN-RVN     “Perfection Is Our Goal”

A Jeremiah For Our Times    War hero & former U.S. Senator

American Veterans: From The Other Side    Traveling Tribute

Biographies of Prisoners of War and Missing in Action    from the Vietnam Conflict

Bracelets    Order POW/MIA Bracelets & etc

Challenge Coin: POW/MIA Tribute Coin  P.O.W. NETWORK Tribute Coin

Chesley, Lt Col Larry J.    Biography of Lt Col Larry
Story in Lt Colonel Larry’s own words from “WE CAME HOME” included

 D - F 

Defining A Hero    Story of JG helicopter shot down over Vietnam War

Denton, Admiral Jeremiah, U.S. Navy (RET)    Who Is Jeremiah Denton?

Denton, Admiral Jeremiah’s own words    from “WE CAME HOME” included

Driscoll, Colonel Jerry D.    Biography of Colonel Driscoll
Story in Colonel Drisocll’s own words from “WE CAME HOME” included

Faraway, So Close    Seven adopted POW/MIA’s honored and much more!

Fortin, Srgt Noonie    POW/MIA page, site of the month 7-04

From The Other Side    Patrick Camunes poignant perspective

 G - I 

Galanti, Commander Paul’s own words    from “WE CAME HOME”    POW returned 1973

“There is no such thing as a bad day when you have
a doorknob on the inside of a door.”  CMDR Paul Galanti

Guy, Colonel Ted W. “Hawk”    Former POW Senior Ranking Officer (SRO)

Hero’s Carved In Stone    Beautifully Written For Hero’s

 J - N 

Last Known Alive List  U.S. POW/MIA’s who may have survived in captivity

Mechenbier, Maj Edward J.   Three remarkable stories of Maj Mechenbier

Nam POW list    List of Nam-POW’s with capture information listed alphabetically

National League of American families of POW/MIA’s    The National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia’s sole purpose is to obtain the release of all prisoners, the fullest possible accounting for the missing and repatriation of all recoverable remains of those who died serving our nation during the Vietnam War.

 O - Q 

Operation Homecoming    Return of the Vietnam POW’s - Memories & Photos

Operation Just Cause    “For as long as it takes”  search for names with bios

POW/MIA Freedom Fighters FAQ Database  “Bring them home.....”

POW/MIA Network   Information on POW/MIA’s & etc

 R - T 

Raptor’s Nest    dedicated to all honorable veterans; past, present, and future

“Return With Honor”    purchase DVD online

Risner, Brigadier General James Robinson “Robbie” 

Rittichier, LT Jack C., USCG    my adopted POW/MIA

Schmidt, Walter R., JR     my adopted POW/MIA

Sontay Prison Raid    attempt to free our POW/MIA’s

Sontay Prison Raid Recollection    by an A-1 Pilot, USAF, Ret

Task Force Omega, Inc    Search for status of POW/MIA’s

Three’s In  POW/MIA’s homepage, site of the month 11-04

 U - V  
Utah Vietnam Memorial    

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall page  search for names on the Wall


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