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Ann Margaret & Her Gentlemen
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C-5 On/Off? The Runway

Colonel Maggie Raye

Colonel Martha “Maggie” Raye

Commander In Chief Arrives!

Confessions of a PTSD Vietnam Veteran
(The Torment Of A Distant War)

Cremation of Sam McGee

Gerard T. Wolterman  Alpha Company 1st Battalion 35th Infantry Regiment

Gerard T. Wolterman  O’Reilly family friend KIA, Vietnam 1968 
Ground Zero Quilt

 Heart Verses of Faye Sizemore

Hero’s Carved In Stone: From The Heart of Sabrina Stidham

Honoring Corporal Patrick Tillman

Honoring Our Fallen

John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address

John F. Kennedy: The Truth About Indochina

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address   Given November 19, 1863

Little Things on 9-11-2001

Look Up

Ongoing Battle   one soldier’s struggle after coming home from war

Operation: MOM

Order of The Silver Rose

Our Honor  — Our Grief

Packing Your Parachute

Pine Tree Crosses

Pledge of Allegience: Red Skelton

Quiet Honor (pdf file)

Ross Perot: The Heroes Hero

Soldier — by George L. Skypeck

The Boys Of Iwo Jima

Taps  origin of the beloved tribute song

The Master

The Parrot 

Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

USS Arizona Memorial

Veterans Day

Vietnam Service 1958-1973 (pdf file)


“Thanks for all those memories Mr. Hope!”


What Is A Soldier?

What Is A Veteran?


Wings of Freedom

Wolterman, Gerard T.  Alpha Company 1st Battalion 35th Infantry Regiment

World War II Memorial